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Project CHOICES provides support to districts at multiple levels to ensure that district policies support district wide implementation of professional learning and new instructional practices.   Planning begins with a System Implementation Team, which develops a vision and action plan for inclusive practices and makes decisions about how resources will be allocated to support district wide implementation.  Our consultant/coaches offer professional learning to the District Implementation and Coaching Team around a variety of topics.  This team brings learning to the Building Implementation and Coaching Team(s), who apply instructional practices at the classroom level.  We provide multiple ways for teams to access information including monthly onsite support with follow up and online trainings.  Districts who partner with us sign a Letter of Committment, which outlines our working agreements.

For a brief, one-page explanation of the work of each of the teams mentioned above, please click the following links:
Level 1 System Implementation Team Description
Level 2 District Implementation and Coaching Team Description
Level 3 Building Implementation and Coaching Team Description


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