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School, Family, Community Partnerships

Becker, Amy.  Finding the Words to Talk about Disability.  Huffington Post. (2012) Click here for link to the article.

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Swedeen, Beth.  Signs of an Inclusive School: A Parent's Perspective on the Meaning and Value of Authentic Inclusion.  (2009). Teaching Exceptional Children Plus, 3(5), 2-13.
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Adaptations & Support Systems

Considerations: Teachers' Tools for Building Productive Relationships with Paraeducators (2001). T/TAC W&M. 1-800-323-4489.

Finn, Chester. Rotherham, Andrew. Hokanson, Charles, (2001). Rethinking Special Education for a New Century. Thomas B. Fordham Foundation and the Progressive Policy Institute.

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Effective Instructional Practices

Considerations: Co-Teaching (2000). T/TAC W&M. 1-800-323-4489.

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Phelps, L. Allen, Comp. High Schools with Authentic and Inclusive Learning Practices: Selected Features and Findings (2003). Research to Practice Brief, National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, Minneapolis, MN.;jsessionid=HW3Lj2bB0GKLmv2YsQpHpJp1Jt3d2
XqvnrJZGDfH4wkYFSYLLJkC!1924851374?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=ERICSearchResult&_urlType=action&newSearch=true&ERICExtSearch_SearchTyp e_0=au&ERICExtSearch_SearchValue_0=%22Phelps+L

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Philosophy & Beliefs

Cole, Cassandra M., Ed.D., Director, Washburn, Sandra, Research Associate, Ansaldo, Research Associate. A shared responsibility for all students: Toward a definition of inclusive schools (2002). Center on Education and Lifelong Learning, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana's University Center for Excellence on Disabilities, Indiana University.

Special Education is Not a Place: Avoiding Pull Out Services in Inclusive Schools. 2005.

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Rebora, Anthony. What Second Stage Teachers Want. Teacher Magazine. 2008

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Disability Specific

Cognitive Disability
Down syndrome barriers falling: College opportunities expand for disabled
By Bonnie Miller Rubin and Grace Aduroja, Tribune staff reporters December 11, 2005

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